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Joining the Choir

There is no formal audition. We are happy to offer a term's trial with no obligation on either party.

There is an expectation, however, that members show a willingness to learn a new programme of music each term and to perform it to a good standard.
In order to facilitate this, there is a need to learn parts at home as well as at rehearsals.

An annual membership fee is payable, in January. The present annual fee is £180.
Members joining in the 2nd or 3rd term will be asked to pay a part-year payment (£60 a term).

Students who sing with us are paid by the Chorale - see Scholarship Scheme.

A warm welcome awaits you if you decide you would like to join Midlands Chorale.

Interested? Enquiries to Membership Secretary Rina Jones 01952 811858 or birchmoor@talktalk.net